Battery Bank – Tactical Woodgas


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One of the things we decided to do this year was to improve our “grid down” back up plan so we started looking for usable and practical tools. After much research we discovered the Tactical Woodgas Battery Bank.

What we appreciate most about this battery bank (because there are other brands available out there) is the accessibility for everyday users. Others we looked at haven’t been as easy to use as this one. Once we tried it out and saw it’s versatility as well as its simple workability we were sold on it! We have had a few power outages since purchasing ours and having the batter bank made it a mere inconvenience. Because of our firm belief in both the product and the man behind the product, we are making it available to purchase on our website. If you are a member of the TPH Community you will enjoy a 10% discount on your purchase. If you’d like to see it at work, watch the series of videos below or drop by our homestead and check it out in person!

From the manufacturers website: Add emergency power to your home and be comfortable during the next power outage, or take the unit camping or to sporting events to quietly run a fan during the mid-day heat and power lighting in the evening. Ham radio operators often run for a entire field day on a single charge.

Provides two 115V AC outlets, two USB charging ports, and a 12V DC Anderson PowerPole output.

Recharge with the included battery charger by plugging it into a wall outlet, by connecting your solar panels to the charging input, plug the included cigarette lighter power plug into your car, or charge with your jumper cables from your running car.

Add your deep cycle RV/Marine battery (purchasing and installation instructions included) and you are ready for the next power outage or camping/sports/family event. Battery not included, but is simple to add.